Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a list of our frequently asked questions on this page. If your question is not answered here, please dont hesitate to contact Customer Support.


What Payment Methods do u accept?

We currently accept payment by bank transfer, PayPal or sending cash by mail.

Did u allready recieved my bank transfer payment?

Once your payment is credited to our account, you will automaticly receive a payment confirmation email from us. If you have not received a confirmation mail yet, your payment has not reached us yet. If you have any questions about how long your bank transfer will take, please contact your bank. If you feel that your payment should allready reached us and that something went wrong maybe, please contact our customer support. It sometimes happens that we are not able to classifie your payment, for example when u forget to put your order number as the subject of the bank transfer.

How does the Payment "Cash by Mail" works

If you do not have an own bank account  you can send us the cash directly with the mail. We send you a email with detailed instructions about how you can send the cash money with the mail, after you completed your order. 


How can i order a ID Card in your Shop?

After your picked on of our ID Cards from our shop, you have to to fill out the forms with your personal datas and upload a photo for your ID Card. When you are finished with this step you can add the ID Card to your Shopping Cart. When your have chosen a Shipping Method you have to enter your Adress. After this you can checkout with one of our accepted Payment Methods.

How do u pack the ID Cards for shipping?

For the packaging we use unobtrusive, white envelopes, with no logo or reference to

What happens after I have placed my order?

When you completed your order, you will recieve a confirmation Email from us, including all payment instructions, your order number and a overview about the details of your ordered ID Cards.
After we recieved your Payment we will start with the production of your Fake ID Card, which can take up to 7 business days to complete (max 24 hours if you book an overnight production). Once your order is ready you will receive another confirmation email.

How long does it take till i recieve my Fake ID Card?

We will start the production of your fake id card, after we have recieved your payment, this usually takes up to 7 working days (max. 24hours if u book an overnight production). Once the production is completed, you will receive a notification via email. The shiping usualy takes 2-4 Days, (1-2 Days if u have booke a express delivery). Weekend and holidays can delay the shipping a few days.

Is there a way to get my Fake ID Card faster?

Yes, while you checkout you can chose express services like “Overnight Production” and/or “Express Delivery”.

Can I track the delivery, or if there is a tracking number?

Tracking your delivery is only possible if you booked a “Express Delivery”.

Is it possible to implement special requests such as a logo on the card?

No we do not accept special requests for the fake id cards.

How can i cancel my order?

The cancellation of an already released order is only possible immediately after ordering Once we started to process your order, there is no way back. If you made an mistake while ordering or filled out the wrong details, please contact our customer support.


Im still waiting for my Fake ID Card, where is it?

As already described above, your order will not proced until we recieved your payment. After that point, it takes up to 7 working days till we finish the production of your fake id cardWeekend and holidays are not working days, so keep calm till we finished the production. Once your Fake ID Card is ready for Shipping, we will send you an Email.

Your Company is in Germay, is it possible to order from other countrys?

Yes, of course. We ship our fake id cards in every european country and many other parts of the world.

In which countrys do u ship your Fake ID Cards?

Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, United Kingdom (GB), Austria. Please contact our customer Support if you want to order from a diffrent country.

Legal Informations

Is it illegal to order a fake id card from your onlineshop?

No! The is it completly legal to buy and to own one of our fake id cards because they are no official passports or id cards, just phantasy/novelty cards, only intended for private use such as for your youtube video, your carnival costume or as a private party gag among friends. You will recieve a legal id card from us and wont have to fear any punishment. But keep in mind that our fake id cards are only intended for personal use and may not be used in legal relations.

May i use your fake id cards as a validation at a bar or nightclub?

No! Our fake id cards are intended only for private use. They may not be used as age or status validation. 

Can i get discounts when i use one of your student cards?

No! Our fake id cards are intended only for private use. They may not be used as age or status validation. 


Can you make me a stundent card for one special university?

No, we only sell the student cards that you can find in our onlineshop. We wont answer requests for Fake ID Cards of existing universitys.

Can you make me a fake Passport or a fake drivers licence?

No, we only sell the fake id cards that you can find in our onlineshop. We wont answer requests for fake passports or fake drivers licence cards.